Sue Broudy, Nancy Burger, Scott Weber, James Allen, Dan Berg

In the quiet New England woods of Weston, Wilton, Redding and New Milford CT, music has brought together five folks who resonate a true love of quality acoustic music and original lyrics.  OPEN ROAD is Sue Broudy, Nancy Burger, Scott Weber, James Allen and Dan Berg – five musicians and songwriters who found each other while working their craft and giving back to their communities.

Excellent musicianship and well-crafted lyrics are a trademark of OPEN ROAD, but you’ll also hear great harmonies.  OPEN ROAD collaborates regularly, their music is authentic, joyful and uplifting.

OPEN ROAD performs regularly bringing their unique blend of soulful original tunes. 


Sue Broudy has been singing songs from the American Songbook as the lead singer with the four-time New England championship a cappella quartet From The Edge.  She competed across the country and performed throughout New England as a member of Sweet Adelines International.  She has also sung with a group called 3 Chicks Who Sing accompanied by Chris Coogan and his jazz quartet.  She wrote and produced a CD entitled  Ancestry Walking in 2014.  Sue plays the piano and guitar, is a freelance vocal coach and songwriter.  Sue also serves as an end-of-life doula and spends time with patients singing and playing at bedside.  Her response to singing and playing with OPEN ROAD is one of joy. “As a Reiki Master I feel energy, and I’ve never met a finer bunch of musicians who are so kind-hearted and wicked talented…”  Sue lives in Weston, CT with her husband, and has four children and two grandchildren.  With OPEN ROAD she plays a Simon & Patrick Jumbo Mini acoustic guitar (Canadian luthier).


Nancy Burger grew up playing classical piano, clarinet and guitar, but turned her attention to singing and songwriting in the late 90’s. In 2001, she completed her first CD of original songs, entitled On and On, at Angel Thorne Music in Bethel. Shortly thereafter, she formed the band Gravel Road, a blues-based rock band that played at local venues including Molly Darcy’s, Bernard’s, Front Street and the Redding Town Green.  She was lead vocalist for the trio Rare Form, performing original songs as well as other acoustic and jazz material. Currently, Nancy is the lead singer in Hindsight, a guitar-based trio whose set list includes both originals and covers from a wide range of artists including Joni Mitchell, Bonnie Raitt, The Beatles, Neil Young, Fleetwood Mac and Dave Mason.  Nancy met Sue through and they formed Broudy & Burger, a chicks with picks collaboration and performed at various cafes and fundraisers together.  They invited guitarist Scott Weber to join them and Open Road was created.  Nancy thinks that OPEN ROAD is an oasis of creative partnership and friendship.  “It not only gives me the rare opportunity to write and perform original songs with gifted musicians, it allows me to do so with people I love being around, it doesn’t get any better than this.”  Nancy plays a Breedlove acoustic guitar.  Nancy lives in Danbury, CT and has two kids.


James Allen has been connected to drums for as long as he can remember.  Initially self-taught, he bought his first drum set from a friend at the age of sixteen.  While working toward his Bachelors degree in music performance (cum laude) from the State University on New York in 1990, James worked as a percussionist for the dance department.  He received a Masters in Music Performance from Yale in 1995.  He studied timpani at the Metropolitan Opera with Richard Horowitz, and Latin percussion at the Boys Harbor in New York City’s Spanish Harlem.  Mr. Allen has traveled to 49 states with Broadway shows, played a massive amount of gigs and was chased by a moose in Anchorage, Alaska while touring with “Evita”.  In 1995 he began teaching in the public schools and has been inspiring children to love music ever since.  His newest obsessions are the frame drum, the Rig (a Middle Eastern tambourine) and the cajon.  Mr. Allen currently teaches music at Ox Ridge School in Darien.  James believes that the creative collaboration with OPEN ROAD is joyous and they inspire him to be his best.  “The songs are magical, the company uplifting, unlike another other musical experience I’ve had.”  James percussion set up is varied but consists mostly of a cajon with a kick, bongos and cymbals, along with various shakers that he straps on or hand holds.  James lives in New Milford, CT.

Scott Weber is a self-taught guitarist/singer/songwriter and has been playing guitar since he was eight years old. He has two CD's to his credit with his philanthropic project Acoustic Wilton which showcased both adult and student artists raising money for local causes. Scott's music is heavily influenced by Michael Hedges, Indigo Girls, Marvin Gaye and Little Feat. Scott has shared that OPEN ROAD inspired him to create and collaborate, “I am performing beyond any level that I thought I was capable of, they are my music family.”  Scott plays a Taylor, Breedlove and Collings guitar, and recently now owns a Maton acoustic guitar.  He lives in Wilton, CT with his wife and two children.


Dan Berg has studied piano and guitar growing up and still likes to play both, but he became a bass player when the only bassist in his high school graduated and left the jazz ensemble in a bit of a pickle.  What initially started as doing the band director a favor has become a lifelong musical passion; the blending tone and rhythm, the richness and drive that bass brings to a song is something that he has loved and focused on for decades.  Dan has played and composed his entire life, covering the musical spectrum from rock, funk and jazz to folk and ambient.  He currently plays in two other rock cover bands and volunteers his time whenever possible, performing benefit concerts for worthy local causes and mentoring young musicians in the process, but Open Road holds a special place in his heart.  The people, the rapport, the music and vibe of this organic acoustic soul project are a special kind of alchemy.  “It’s a little lightning in a bottle and music that needs to be felt and heard” he says, “I’m privileged to help bring it to life.”  Dan plays a Michael Kelly Dragonfly 5-string fretless acoustic bass.