a little clilp of "Mercy" from live show






Charter Studio TV


Open Road had the opportunity to record and film a 30-minute segment for CTV-192, a local tv station for post community information that creates television (they also train and show you how). The television station airs on Charter's CTV-192, covering the towns of Kent, New Milford, Sherman, New Fairfield, Bridgewater, Brookfield, Washington, Newtown, Monroe, Trumbull, Southbury, Woodbury, Bethlehem, and Roxbury, CT.  Our segment will air this month in December.  Having three cameras trained on you, and audio recording going on simultaneously was a full plate, but we sank into the joy of our songs and just went with it!


New Picture!


Scott, James, Sue, and Nancy say hey, and happy fall into winter!  We are taping up at Charter Net Studios in Newtown, CT this month for a live 30-minute segment showcasing our original music.  We'll post a link to that later.  What's so funny Scott...?




The serious James next to the casual James... in either mode he is a kick-a** percussionist who is collaborating with us currently, and we hope that he sticks around for the long run.  The four of us - Sue, Nancy, Scott & James - can hopefully get back into the studio soon and record some of the original tunes we've been working on, and when we do I promise to load them up on the site!